23 Sep 2017

China Effect On Oil & Bitcoin Markets

Max and Stacy discuss the China Effect on oil and bitcoin markets. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Blasi of the PMC Ounce. They debate whether or not bitcoin is the new gold. Chris argues only gold is gold but that bitcoin is an interesting new financial asset.

Being In Berlin In Time

"I left Judaism behind, but I still keep on marketing."
By Gilad Atzmon: In this Berlin talk (June 2017) I elaborate on identitarian politics being a cancerous disaster at the core of our current dystopia. I delve into ID politics' intellectual and political roots: the New Left, cultural Marxism and the meaning of fascism. I also spoke about philosophy of history and German past in particular. P.S. I found out  that John Travolta's type blazer provides me with the necessary extra oomph.

Secrets You Need To See

"What's a few more thousands of lives Mr Trump, what's a few more trillions in debt? It's called nation building, miles from nowhere. Nation building by any other name spends the same. ...Blaming Pakistan for Americas fiasco, just doesn't cut it. After 16 years of a complete failure, all of a sudden it's Pakistan's fault? Who's fault will it be next Year when it's still a failure? Trump's rant only pushes Pakistan closer to China and Russia who's been coming to Pakistan's defence throughout Trump's threats and if anyone's aiding terrorists its the US. Russia is now warning America to stop dropping supplies to [Jewish state Mossad run] ISIS in northern Afghanistan or else it will intervene." Said ex-Jew Nathanael.

Morgan Freeman Goes Full Neo-Con-Artist Propaganda Retard - Russia Returns Serve By Translating Into Russian

All Kremlin has to do to show how awfully Russophobic the US establishment is, is translate American propaganda about Russia
The Saker: Quite a while ago I wrote an article entitled “Counter-Propaganda, Russian style” in which I tried to show that far from censoring the russophobic propaganda of the AngloZionist Empire, the Russians try hard to give it as much visibility in Russia as possible.  The reason for that it very simple: by showing the Empire’s propaganda the Russian media provides incontrovertible evidence of the hatred the Empire has for Russia and for the Russian people.  This very slick counter-propaganda technique has very much contributed to the quasi-disappearance of pro-Western feelings in Russia (I estimate the total amount of pro-Western people in Russia at somewhere in the range of 3%-5% max).
This time again, as soon as the so-called “Committee to Investigate Russia” posted its video about being at war with Russia, the main Russian TV channel “Russia 1” translated and showed it during the prime time show “60 minutes”.  So, just to share this with you – here is Morgan Freeman dubbed in Russian.

Russia Warns US In Unprecedented "Secret" Face-To-Face Meeting Over Syria, But What's The Endgame?

By Tyler Durden: The moment the first Russian jet landed in Syria at the invitation of the Assad government in 2015, Putin placed himself in the driver's seat concerning the international proxy war in the Levant. From a strategic standpoint the armed opposition stood no chance of ever tipping the scales against Damascus from that moment onward. And though US relations with Russia became more belligerent and tense partly as a result of that intervention, it meant that Russia would set the terms of how the war would ultimately wind down.
Russia's diplomatic and strategic victory in the Middle East was made clear this week as news broke of "secret" and unprecedented US-Russia face to face talks on Syria. The Russians reportedly issued a stern warning to the US military, saying that it will respond in force should the Syrian Army or Russian assets come under fire by US proxies
The AP reports that senior military officials from both countries met in an undisclosed location "somewhere in the Middle East" in order to discuss spheres of operation in Syria and how to avoid the potential for a direct clash of forces. Tensions have escalated in the past two weeks as the Syrian Army in tandem with Russian special forces are now set to fully liberate Deir Ezzor city, while at the same time the US-backed SDF (the Arab-Kurdish coalition, "Syrian Democratic Forces") - advised by American special forces - is advancing on the other side of the Euphrates.

International Men's Day For Women + Women's Network Tries To Hijack International Men's Day!

22 Sep 2017

Gilad Atzmon And The Orient House Ensemble In Bristol

By Elfyn Griffith: Do you like John Coltrane?” asks Gilad Atzmon with an ironic smile after he and his band The Orient House Ensemble have opened tonight with a beautiful cover of Duke Ellington’s In A Sentimental Mood, Atzmon’s clarinet soaring deliciously above the melody, like Coltrane’s in the original.
Describing tonight as ‘Coltrane light’ this constantly touring sax supremo – who the Guardian once described as ‘the hardest-gigging man in British jazz’ – and his excellent band pay homage to one of the greatest jazzmen of all time with The Spirit of Trane.
John Coltrane, who died 50 years ago, was the most influential tenor saxophonist in jazz history, and while the sonic power of his music can never be overlooked his experimentalism confused some jazz audiences back in the day. As Atzmon says, he once emptied a gig in London in just seven minutes. No chance of that tonight though, as this is over ten minutes into tonight’s set and the warmth and feel that this amusing, supremely gifted and controversial figure gives to Coltrane’s sound is infectious.
Atzmon is an exiled Israeli and political activist who has courted controversy with articles and books about the injustices in the Middle East, but his philosophy and music has always sought to surmount boundaries and barriers and encompass different cultures. His band are named after the former East Jerusalem HQ of the PLO, Orient House.

Lesbian Couple Rachel Stevens & Kayla Jones Convicted

... of beating and torturing their five-year-old boy so badly that he had two strokes from years of beatings, have been sentenced to 20 years in jail
By Warner Todd Huston: Court documents revealed that the child told police that he was repeatedly tied up, confined with duct tape, locked in a small room for extended periods of time and that both women would periodically beat him sometimes with a belt. He said his own mother once smashed his hand with a hammer and his “stepmom” repeatedly kicked him in the groin hard enough to cause bleeding.
Police in Muskogee, OK, arrested the boy’s mother, Rachel Stevens, 28, and his “stepmother,” Kayla Jones, 25, last year for what doctors said appeared to be months of vicious child abuse.
Police became involved after the child was transferred from a Muskogee, Oklahoma, clinic to St. John Medical Center in Tulsa because of lesions on his face and after a series of seizures. But when he got to Tulsa, doctors became suspicious over his injuries and determined that he was abused and not just suffering some sort of ailment as claimed by the lesbian couple.
The women even had the gall to create a GoFundMe page to raise money to help them pay for the child’s medical care.

The Future Will Be Decentralized

I heartily accept the motto, “That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe — “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. – Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience
By Michael Krieger: Some people live their existence in a great state of dread, convinced a totalitarian, centralized world government of sorts is in our future. Not only do I not think this is going to happen, but I predict the exact opposite will occur. I believe the world has already hit “peak centralization” and decentralization will be the defining trend of human existence on this planet going forward.
Naturally, this is just one man’s opinion, but I strongly believe it and will make my case in this piece. When I look around and think about the major trends of our time, they all point in the direction of decentralization, something which invariably scares the living daylights out of authoritarians worldwide.
Irrespective of what you think of Donald Trump, the fact he was elected proves the power of decentralization in the modern communications and media realm. As was well documented throughout the campaign, the mainstream media came out in clownish and historically lopsided fashion in favor of his opponent Hillary Clinton. We all remember seeing headlines like the one below and then reading stuff like the following.


The number 1 topic in Australia right now.

A Look At How Nestlé Makes Billions Selling You Garbage Dump Water In A Bottle ...For Every Occasion

'Nestlé Waters is actually purifying
and bottling groundwater,
some of which comes from sites
near waste and garbage dumps'
By Tyler Durden: A few weeks ago we shared with readers a lawsuit filed in Connecticut against Nestle Waters North America, Inc. alleging that the water they marketed as Poland 'Natural Spring Water' was actually just bottled groundwater...the same water that runs through the taps of many American households. 
Now a new investigation from Bloomberg Businessweek reveals how large water bottling companies choose their plant locations based not on the steady supply of pristine, natural drinking water, as their labels and other marketing campaigns would lead you to believe, but based on which economically depressed municipalities offer up the most tax breaks and have the most lax water laws
As an example, even in the drought stricken state of California, Bloomberg notes that Nestle was able to strike a sweetheart 20-year supply agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to pay roughly $0.000001 for the water in each bottle that consumers blindly drop a couple bucks to purchase.