31 May 2016

Lock Up The Men, Evict The Women And Children

By Chris Hedges: Matthew Desmond’s book, “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,” like Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed,” is a heartbreaking snapshot of the rapacious exploitation and misery we inflict on the most vulnerable, especially children. It is a picture of a world where industries have been created to fleece the poor, and destroy neighborhoods and ultimately lives. It portrays a judicial system that has broken down, a dysfunctional social service system and the license in neoliberal America to carry out unchecked greed, no matter what the cost.
“Her face had that look,” Desmond wrote. “The movers and the deputies knew it well. It was the look of someone realizing that her family would be homeless in a matter of hours. It was something like denial giving way to the surrealism of the scene: the speed and the violence of it all; sheriffs leaning against your wall, hands resting on holsters; all these strangers, these sweating men, piling your things outside, drinking water from your sink poured into your cups, using your bathroom. It was the look of being undone by a wave of questions. What do I need for tonight, for this week? Who should I call? Where is the medication? Where will we go? It was the face of a mother who climbs out of the cellar to find the tornado has leveled the house.”

Are All Women Gold-Diggers?

By : From JW Productions comes a movie with a deliberately provocative question in the title… Are all men pedophiles? [1] This seems like an odd title, given that they acknowledge in the film the existence of female pedophiles. But if they want to take advantage of some dominant cultural narrative, well, we can play that game too… indeed,  it might be quite fun. JW Productions [2] provides a brief outline on their website:

For the first time in history the tables have turned on men. In the past “Witch-Hunt” was associated with women but now it is associated with men.
In an effort to protect our children society has started to isolate men. This documentary explores the pedophilia hysteria and how all men are viewed as potential pedophiles. How did society come to such a conclusion and what are the political and social consequences?
Witch-hunts serve little purpose in the course of reason, and focusing only on the perversions of men doesn’t help anyone. The perversions of women also deserve scrutiny and, for balance, I’d like to ask… are all women gold-diggers?

30 May 2016

Centuries Of Oppression

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Apparently I’m a deluded conspiracy nutjob. So Alex Proud believes. It’s a little disappointing. After several years immersing myself in oceans of data before forming my opinions, based on at least a modicum of factual knowledge, I had thought perhaps common politeness might be appropriate. There was a time when journalists were well informed and would pride themselves on confronting received opinion. Recall Orwell’s “journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations”. But Mr Proud is not such a journalist. So why do I draw your attention to his unimportant little hit piece in The Telegraph? I do not. I will say nothing of it. It is such an embarrassing display of ignorance. I draw your attention to the on-line survey which follows it. The results on 30th May at 14:15, seven days after the initial publication, were as follows,

MRAs are utterly deluded and obviously wrong. 21%
MRAs are basically just trolls. Deep down they know its just nonsense. 8%
MRAs do have a point but they express it too aggressively. 20%
MRAs have taken the Red Pill and know The Truth 51%
I do like the phrasing of the last option. Not trying to convey that this is the option for deluded conspiracy nutjobs at all?

There Has Been A Coup In Brazil

By Paul Craig Roberts: In Brazil the country’s largest newspaper has published a transcript of a secret recording leaked to the newspaper. The words recorded are the plot by the rich Brazilian elite, involving both the Zio-US-corrupted Brazilian military and Supreme Court, to remove the democratically elected president of Brazil under false charges in order to stop the investigations of the corrupt elites who inhabit Brazil’s senate and bring to an end Brazil’s membership in BRICS. The Russian-Chinese attempt to organize an economic bloc independent of Washington has now lost 20% of its membership.
Democracy has been overthrown in Brazil as in Ukraine, Honduras-indeed, everywhere the dirty evil hand of Washington falls, including the US itself.
Glenn Greenwald reports on the extraordinary leak of the 75-minute recording of the conversations between Brazilian elites laying out the plot to frame the President of Brazil in order to protect themselves. https://theintercept.com/2016/05/23/new-political-earthquake-in-brazil-is-it-now-time-for-media-outlets-to-call-this-a-coup/
The Government of President Dilma Rousseff was dealing with the corrupt Brazilian elite in a legal, not a revolutionary, way. This was a strategic error, as neither the Brazilian elites nor their backers in Washington care a hoot about legality. For them power is the only effective force.
They used their power to remove Rousseff from the presidency, demonstrating to Brazilians that their votes are powerless to determine the government.

The Truth About Syria - A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country

The people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war? Why do you continue funding and enabling the terrorists? Isn’t five years of civil war enough? Is overthrowing the Syrian government really worth so much suffering and death
By In late April, President Barack Obama announced that 250 U.S. special operations troops are being deployed to Syria. Unlike the Russian and Iranian forces aiding anti-terrorism efforts in the country, the U.S. military personnel have entered Syria against the wishes of the internationally recognized government.
In terms of international law, the United States has invaded Syria, a sovereign country and United Nations member state. This is the not the first time, though — Arizona Sen. John Mccain crossed into Syria without a visa to meet with anti-government fighters in 2013.
While the new U.S. boots on the ground have officially been dispatched for the purpose of fighting Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the organization known in the West as ISIS or ISIL), they will most likely be working to achieve one of the Pentagon’s longstanding foreign policy goals: violently overthrowing the Syrian government. 
As the terrorism of Daesh and other extremists grows more intense, and as millions of Syrians have become refugees, the heavy costs of the U.S. government’s “regime change” operation in Syria should come into question.

Terrorist Israel Lost Its Latest Chance For A Peace Process

By Last Friday, after weeks of political maneuvering, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'baby butcher of Gaza' Netanyahu appointed Avigdor Lieberman to be his defense minister. A longtime political hard-liner who has filled various cabinet positions for more than a decade, Lieberman made his career with coarse talk: Israel, he said, should “cut off the head” of a disloyal Arab citizen, or take “a lesson from Putin” on how to deal with terror. His appointment served as a climax to parallel dramas: a public dispute between Netanyahu’s most conservative ministers and the Israel Defense Forces, which Lieberman’s appointment will inflame, and a secret peace initiative prompted by Tony Blair, involving players from the opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, which the appointment effectively scuttles.
Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon, the minister whom Netanyahu fired to make room for Lieberman, spoke bluntly at a press briefing on Friday. “To my great sorrow, extremist and dangerous elements have taken over Israel and the Likud Party,” he said. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who was Ya’alon’s predecessor as defense minister under Netanyahu, angrily reinforced Ya’alon’s message on television later that night. Israel “has been infected by the seeds of fascism,” Barak said. “This government needs to be brought down before it brings all of us down.”

Feminist Thinks All Men Are Rapists

Blaire White: "Meet a man who has worse gender issues than I have
and I'm a tranny."

Misogyny? Sit Down Shut Up

johntheother: What to do when your assertion that you are a person of worth meets feminist doctrine that unapologetic men are rapist scum.

Study: 50% Of Twitter Misogyny Posted By Women. UK MPs Launch “Reclaim The Internet” Campaign

By : The title says it all. Both the BBC and the Daily Wire report that think tank Demos undertook a three-week study and found that half of apparently misogynist posts were posted by women.
From the original report:

  • Women are as almost as likely as men to use the terms ‘slut’ and
    ‘whore’ on Twitter. Not only are women using these words, they are directing them at each other, both casually and offensively; women are increasingly more inclined to engage in discourses using the same language that has been, and continues to be, used as derogatory against them.

MRA Feminist Peg Tyre, Pulitzer Winner: a Boy’s and Men’s gendered lens

Tim Patten: MRA Feminist Peg Tyre, Pulitzer Prize Winner: a Boy’s and Men’s Gendered Lens. From the New Male Studies malestudies.org/ (not to be confused with Men's Studies, a feminist college program.)

Jewish Paedophilia: Kiryas Joel And The Rest Of America

By Eve Mykytyn: Kiryas Joel is a Hasidic enclave within Monroe, NY with its own schools, emergency medical and other governmental services. A recent book by Louis Grumet with John Caher, “The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel: The Rise of a Village Theocracy and the Battle to Defend the Separation of Church and State”, details the machinations behind the extraordinary carve out of a school district for a religious group.
Monroe contains incorporated and unincorporated land. Hasidic Jews have bought land and settled in the unincorporated part of Monroe, and since 2013, they have been fighting to join the rest of Monroe and become a part of the Kiryas Joel school district.