20 May 2018

Jordan Peterson v Michael Dyson On White Privilege

"You're a mean mad white man!"

On Accountability In The Light Of Jewish Israeli Brutality

'This was a premeditated massacre: a cold blood governmental decision to shoot at protestors. ...Israeli barbarism has no precedent in human history.'
By Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: For the last few weeks Israel has displayed a new level of institutional criminality. Fearing that Palestinian protestors attempting to return to their land would cross the Gaza border fence, Israel deployed hundreds of snipers, scores of tanks and drones across the Gaza Strip border. The government ordered forces to shoot at anyone who managed to reach the border. (although it is clear that Israeli forces also shot well inside the border.) This was a premeditated massacre: a cold blood governmental decision to shoot at protestors.  The outcome of this disastrous  decision is known and it reveals the murderous nature of the Jewish State. 
The world reacted in disgust. The UN voted two days ago to send an international war crimes probe to Gaza.  Israel has already refused to cooperate with this fact finding mission. 
These events in Gaza proved that the nature of Israeli barbarism has no precedent in human history. Israel is not a tyrannical dictatorship deploying death squads against protestors, nor were the killings the result of an outburst by a lone commander on the battlefield.

Preventing Vigilante Killings

"She poured sulphuric acid on her ex boyfriend who was breaking up with her basically on the grounds that if she couldn't have him then nobody would have him. This was not a heat of the moment thing, she researched the effects of sulphuric acid on a human being and then obtained a sufficient quantity of it to throw on him in his sleep and the gentleman was horribly mutilated and burned suffering catastrophic and life debilitating injuries." Reported JohnTheOther.

Torturer Is Now Director Of The US CIA

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: How did a person who should be in the criminal dock both in the US and in the International Criminal Court for running a torture prison get appointed the Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency? What is all the Washington talk about defending human rights when a torturer is put in charge of covert operations?
Milosovic, the Serbia leader who tried to defend his country from Washington’s aggression, was sent by Washington to the war crimes tribunal or some such place that only tries victims of Washington’s aggression. He died in prison, some say he was murdered by Washington. The court ended up clearing him of the faked American charges. But little good that did a dead man.
But now Washington has a real criminal, a real person who has committed without any doubt “crimes against humanity” confirmed by the US Senate as CIA director. That tells us a lot about the hypocrisy, double standards, and utter mendacity of the government in Washington.
As some Republicans voted against the torturer in chief, it was the Democrats that put a torturer at the head of the CIA.
Listen to their excuses:
West Virginia’s Joe Manchin said: Haspel prioritizes the safety of America. She is “an unbelievable public servant.”

"Dear Fat Girl! Get On Top. If He Dies, He Dies"

Barbara4u2c: I'm laughing so hard, these are my favorite :') Hope you enjoy them at least half as much as I do.

19 May 2018

The Huge Fraud Behind Our Stock Market

Written and performed by Americans, in America covering American news.

Victims Of Their Own Suck-Cess

Letter From Iran: Mr. Trump, You Have Been Served

Top officials, including former CIA officers, Pentagon officials, US Army officers and former diplomats demand explanation of the Jewish Israeli regime's actions
By Pepe Escobar: In a letter addressed to President Donald Trump, with copies to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the UN Security Council, four top former officials at the highest level of the US government have given him legal notice about his duty to advise the US Congress, the ICC and the UNSC, among others, about Israel’s actions coinciding with the “70th anniversary of the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes.”
The letter is signed, among others, by former CIA operations officer Phil Giraldi; former Pentagon official Michael Maloof; former US Army officer and State Department coordinator for counterterrorism contractor Scott Bennett; and former diplomat and author of Visas For al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked The World, Michael Springmann.
Maloof, Bennett and Giraldi, as well as Springmann and this correspondent, were among guests at the 6th International New Horizon conference in the holy city of Mashhad, eastern Iran. The top themes of the conference’s debates were Palestine and the Trump administration’s unilateral exit from the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

‘Sometimes Dancing, Sometimes Furious’: Another Girl Shot Dead In Gaza By The Jewish Israeli Death Forces 'IDF'

Profound poverty and injustice drove 14-year-old Wesal to depression and a longing to be “with God.” She felt compelled to attend the border protests in Gaza every Friday. After Israeli snipers killed her, Wesal’s family understands her passion to resist the crushing occupation and blockade; she has inspired them to join the resistance. 
By Oliver Holmes and Hazem Balousha: The family of Wesal Sheikh Khalil say that in a matter of weeks the teenager experienced a complete transformation, from a hop-scotching child to an adolescent infuriated by injustice in Gaza.
“You are cowards,” she screamed at her aunts when they refused to join protests at the border, where health officials say Israeli forces have killed more than 110 and shot thousands since demonstrations began in late March.
Her immediate family, impoverished even by the coastal enclave’s dire standards, had been unengaged in politics. Wesal and her 11-year-old brother were the only ones who trekked weekly to the perimeter, into the surging crowds and the black smoke of burning tyres. Their siblings tried to stop them, but they would sneak out.
“She kept saying: ‘You have to go. You have to go,’” recalled one aunt, Ahlam, 30. “She was the most dedicated of all of us.”
Wesal, 14, was shot dead on Monday, one of more than 60 people killed as Israeli snipers fired on protesters.

Emerging Market Currencies

Max and Stacy discuss all heck breaking loose in emerging market currencies as the Fed tries to taper a ponzi and a parallel currency being proposed for Italy’s ruined economy. In the second half, Max interviews Marshall Long of EOS.fish about bitcoin mining, from the claims of environmental catastrophes to the assertions that miners are losing money at current bitcoin prices. They also discuss EOS and why it’s better than Ethereum.


Larken Rose: A video about the concept of "homesteading," and the rational, moral way to deal with natural resources and ownership.

IDF Infographic Labels Children “Hamas Weapons Of Terror”

A stunningly ridiculous infographic paints children as terrorist.