Saturday, April 19, 2014

Help - My Ex-Girlfriend Is In My Attic!

"It's OK to like tits, that is really important!"
Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with a listener about his on-again off-again romantic relationship and then... it happens.

A Bottoms Up Line About 'The Sanctions'

Youri Carma: I think it’s time to make a bottoms up line about the sanctions: The sanctions are absolute nonsense, BS/Poppycock, hurting Europe and the U.S. more than Russia.
Because playing Russian roulette is a bad thing but playing Russian roulette with Russia is even worse.
Jim Rogers has said, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Jim Willie said it and I am not being posh about it but I from my own research can say this, Europe & America are shooting themselves in the head.
Besides, while the U.S. and Merkel were beating the war drums a lot of business stayed as usual because we suppose to make trade instead of war but the crazies of the basement have other plans and try to provoke Europe participating in it’s own demise.
The blind eye of the old world order in a genuine new world order, but not the one the Neocon-Nazi’s had in mind. The overplayed their hand, the hubris got the better of them and the fact that everybody knows that the White House is after the people and not with them, makes the government a king without clothes.
The official working languages of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation are Chinese and Russian. India and Iran have also closed deals. Shell also got a piece of the Russian pie.

The Most Powerful Banksters In The World Announce The Crash

The Banksters for International Settlements (BIS aka the Capo di tutti capi) say the current situation on the financial markets is worse than before the Lehman bankruptcy. The warning of the BIS could be the reason why the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to continue indefinitely to print money: Central banksters have lost control of the debt-flood and given up.
deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten: (google translation) The decision by the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue indefinitely to print money ( here ) might have fallen on "orders from above".
Apparently, the central banks dawns that it is tight.
Very closely.
The most powerful bank in the world, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has published a few days ago in their quarterly report the possible end of the flood of money directly addressed - and at the same time described the situation on the debt markets as extremely critical. The "extraordinary measures of central banks" - aka the unrestrained printing - have awakened in the markets the illusion that the massive liquidity pumped into the market could solve the fundamental problems (more on the enormous rise in debt - here ).
These clear words may have meant that Ben Bernanke and the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed got cold feet. Instead, as expected, which is now formally announce the end of the flood of money, the Fed has decided to just carry on as before.
If one is to the BIS experts believe that no single problem is solved.
All problems will be all the greater.

Apartheid Israeli's Pepper Spray Palestinian Worshippers

Nine elderly Palestinians have been wounded when Israeli green shirts pepper sprayed worshippers trying to enter the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in East al-Quds (aka Jerusalem).
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Witnesses said all of the wounded were elderly Palestinians.
According to local sources, several other worshippers were abducted during the clashes on Friday.
Israeli forces erected barricades around the mosque compound as part of restrictions imposed on Palestinians.
Hundreds of Israeli green shirts were also deployed to check the identification of worshippers. The sexist apartheid Israeli regime only allowed Palestinian men over 50 to enter the area.
Israeli green shirts have injured dozens of Palestinians in al-Aqsa Mosque in the past few days.
In recent months, Israeli green shirts and extremist land thieves (aka 'settlers') have stepped up attacks on Palestinians visiting the mosque. This has led to violent confrontations between the two sides.
The apartheid regime has also imposed severe restrictions to prevent Muslim worshippers from entering the mosque.

Seed Wars: Latin America Strikes Back Against Monsanto

By Don Quijones: Boasting more back channels and revolving doors with national and regional governments than most other companies on the planet, Monsanto is used to getting its way. With the direct assistance of the U.S. government and diplomatic services, the company goes from strength to strength, regardless of its myriad scandals.
As California based economics blogger (& friend) Wolf Richer wrote on his blog, Testosterone Pit, its previous flagship products include:

The once harmless DDT, now banned worldwide; a family of industrial chemicals called PCBs that are now considered highly toxic; Agent Orange, the defoliant liberally used during the Vietnam War and promoted as harmless to people, with grave results for the Vietnamese and US soldiers who came in contact with it. And there was saccharine, the sweetener that ended up being a carcinogen.
More recently, Monsanto reinvented itself and decided to save mankind not with a DDT successor, but with genetically modified seeds, whether people wanted them or not. 
Present in more than 80 countries around the world, Monsanto is now the world’s leading manufacturer of GM seeds. Its main competitors include the German agribusiness and chemical behemoths Bayer, Syngenta and BASF, and US chemicals titan Dow.

The UK State Hides £0.5 Billion Spy "Zircon" From The People

liarpoliticians: Old story, but worth recalling for how bent the British state is in spending our money. This is the story of a top secret spy satellite called "Zircon", which had a secret budget, and no accountability.... much like the criminals in GCHQ today (no accountability on their criminality and many secret budgets). The government was so disgusted at the revelation of their criminality, they attacked and castrated the BBC who revealed it.

Yay! I Learn Something Today + Male Vs Female Entrepreneurs

Rizzle Dizzle
"Feminist, you've got a head full of crazy!"

Applied MGTOW - MGTOW Economics + A Critique of Anarchy + Quibbler

ScribblerG1: I have to say some things about economics and the bullshit that is peddled in some of the MGTOW/Manosphere. Fyi, I won't do many of these kinds of vids, but I just think those of you who hear the truly idiotic economic ideas on offer should hear this as well. Also, I go right to the heart of the economic reasons why MGTOW is growing and why such things as the Herbivore movement happen.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Saudi Britannia

"...fuck. This is why the patriarchy just can't be fucking defeated. They're using feminists to defend themselves from the fucking feminists! That's genius!"
Sargon of Akkad: More rape-culture from heterosexual British men. Disgusting.

Paul Elam Interviews JudgyBitch + Not So Impromptu MHRA Discussion

"A lot of pampered white spoiled women blowing up their lives for no reason." JudgyBitch
Paul Elam: An interview with Janet Bloomfield, much more popularly known as JudgyBitch; blogger, honey badger, mother, wife, doctoral candidate, and all around general badass. When JudgyBitch speaks, feminists put their fingers in their ears and start screeching because they cannot take the pain of unvarnished truth. So consider that a trigger warning for feminists. DO NOT WATCH THIS INTERVIEW! It will trigger all of your triggers and then leave you with new triggers in places you did not know you could have them.
But for those on the side of reason, intelligence and figuratively slapping around idiots with stupid ideas, today we have for you......entertainment.