1 Feb 2014


Happy people are so sexy…

…MGTOW's first thought faced with a prospect is, ‘I hope she’s not a feminist.’ Feminism creep, what a fucking downer!
On the other hand, it’s Saturday and we're going our own way, so if we meet their happy hot doppelgangers at tonight’s festivities let’s hope they come correct, (honey badger mindset) then it’s all good. Have a great weekend everyone.
Don’t forget to pack a recording device along with the french ticklers for your own protection
against feminasties false rape accusations, misandry, the gynocracy, apartheid, etc.. 

When in doubt, always be recording.

Modern mobile phones, apart from being your cash endorsement of the US NSA and UK GCHQ or 'personal low-jack', usually also have video and sound recorders built in for your use too. If you need to call for help, it's best to record something for your defense first because UK police are mandated to arrest the man as a matter of course, if in doubt.

The video is mightier than the pen. Step out with confidence by putting your own Safety First. ;-)

Uplifting videos by Bossie + Hooptown H. and co..

 AVfM meme team

Related link: 'we all have the legal right to film, sound record and photograph in public'


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