22 Aug 2017

The Alt Left Anthem

Vodka helps you sing this song. I'm glad I finally found a use for it.

The Truth About Yemen - With Vanessa Beeley

RonPaulLibertyReport: More than two years after a Saudi-led coalition began attacking Yemen, the country is a wasteland. Thousands of airstrikes, scores of children killed, epidemics, misery. Who's really responsible and what can be done?

Growing Number Of Guys Getting Vasectomies To Avoid The Baby Trap

Raging Golden Eagle: It's not like they don't want kids. They just want kids on THEIR terms. You know, their body their choice and all!

38-Year-Old With Vagina, Stole £24,000 From Primary School & Children’s Centre. Her Punishment? You Can Guess

How Did The Men's Rights Movement Begin? - Michael Messner

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

Statistics Professor Banned By Google: Here Is His Story

By Tyler Durden: Statistics professor Salil Mehta, adjunct professor at Columbia and Georgetown who teaches probability and data science and whose work has appeared on this website on numerous prior occasions, was banned by Google on Friday.
What did Salil do to provoke Google? It is not entirely clear, however what is clear is that his repeated attempts at restoring his email, blog and other Google-linked accounts have so far been rejected with a blanket and uniform statement from the search giant.
Here is what happened, in Salil Mehta's own words.
Dont do a googol of evil
Freedom is not free unless corporations who exert a large influence in our lives believe in our well-being.  I am a statistics professor and understand that there needs to be reasonable standards to control a large social network and make sure everyone is able to enjoy it freely.  Invariably people disagree (we all see this), but some principles, such as simply showing probability and statistics with the sole hope of educating others, should be acceptable and in the middle of the distribution.  I am for a higher standard, and a higher purpose.

Hypocrisy From The Left And The State On Hate Crime

“Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim
or any other person,
to be motivated by hostility or prejudice..."
By Jordan Holbrook: I’ll start with the State as this story leads quite nicely into the next. ...The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has revised its guidance for prosecutors, saying that tweeting abuse can be as “equally devastating” as shouting it. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, has said online abuse can fuel “dangerous hostility”.

21 Aug 2017

The Lincoln Myth: Ideological Cornerstone Of The America Empire

Lincoln is theology, not historiology. He is a faith, he is a church, he is a religion, and he has his own priests and acolytes, most of whom . . . are passionately opposed to anybody telling the truth about him . . . with rare exceptions, you can’t believe what any major Lincoln scholar tells you about Abraham Lincoln and race.”
–Lerone Bennett, Jr., Forced into Glory, p. 114
By Thomas DiLorenzo: The author of the above quotation, Lerone Bennett, Jr., was the executive editor of Ebony magazine for several decades, beginning in 1958. He is a distinguished African-American author of numerous books, including a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. He spent twenty years researching and writing his book, Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream, from which he drew the above conclusion about the so-called Lincoln scholars and how they have lied about Lincoln for generations. For obvious reasons, Mr. Bennett is incensed over how so many lies have been told about Lincoln and race.
Few Americans have ever been taught the truth about Lincoln and race, but it is all right there in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (CW), and in his actions and behavior throughout his life. For example, he said the following:
“Free them [i.e. the slaves] and make them politically and socially our equals? My own feelings will not admit of this . . . . We cannot then make them equals” (CW, vol. II, p. 256.

21st Century: ID Politics v The People

Listen to "Episode #199 - SUNDAY WIRE: 'Trigger Warning: ID Politics' with Gilad Atzmon and Jay Dyer" on Spreaker.
Patrick Henningsen with Gilad Atzmon and Jay Dyer: SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen is joined by two incredible guests to discuss the disturbing political situation in America. In the first hour we’ll be joined by artist and the brilliant and controversial best-selling author and internationally acclaimed jazz artist, Gilad Atzmonto discuss Charlottesville and the problem of Left vs Right identity politics in the West, as well its roots in Jewish ID politics, and how society might be able overcome the downward spiral it currently finds itself in. In the second hour we’re joined by author and analyst, Jay Dyer, from JaysAnalysis.com to talk about America’s new culture wars and why Leftist activists are now pulling down statues across the country and how this might accelerate to more censorship and ceremonial ‘book burning’ activities. In the final segment, we hear a thought-provoking interview with an American man who managed to turn from hating all Muslims to adopting a more open-minded, civil approach to dialogue – proving that communication is the key to conflict resolution.

The ASA’s Report On Gender Stereotypes - It’s Scary

By Jordan Holbrook: I recently decided to donate a cursory glance to the report Depictions, Perceptions and Harm: A report on gender stereotypes in advertising by the Agenda Spreading Agency (sorry, Advertising Standards Agency) which, according to them, provides an evidence-based case for stronger regulation of ads that feature stereotypical gender roles or characteristics which might be harmful to people, including ads which mock people for not conforming to gender stereotypes”. Sounds very noble, doesn’t it? Well, I can confirm now, after having read the damned thing, the report is nothing more than virtue-signalling and feminist clap-trap. Yippee!
[This article is going to be a little longer than your usual The Backbencher post but, because I had to sit through and read all of the report, you can sit through and read all of my analysis. I hope you find my proposition acceptable.]
The report primarily discusses how adverts are harmful to people – oh, sorry, did I say people? I meant to say how adverts are harmful to women and how they perpetrate HAWG, which is like VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) but instead substituting the word Harm in place of Violence. Whilst they don’t specifically say HAWG, they continuously (I cannot stress that word enough) reference back to the harm faced by women, occasionally referencing men and boys but only to slap them back down (see p. 23 for several examples of this).

Black Emojis Are Racist Now

6oodfella: They just keep poking that white bear because they want the white bear to get angry and maul them. The white bear should just mock them, because that's all they're worth.

ANTIFART - William Banzai7

Women Statistically Much Safer, Physically And Sexually, Marrying Or Cohabiting With A Heterosexual Man Rather Than With A Lesbian

By: Taylor Larson:

  • Women are 2 times or more likely to be physically assaulted, beaten, or abused by a lesbian domestic partner than by a heterosexual male partner.
  • Women are about 10 times more likely to be sexually abused or raped by a lesbian domestic partner than by a heterosexual male partner.
  • Research exposing the epidemic of lesbian rape, sex abuse, and physical abuse of intimate partners has been ignored by the mainstream media and buried in academia due to political correctness.
  • Domestic abuse and sexual assault campaigns almost always involve imagery of a male perpetrator and a female victim. Very few campaigns focus on same-sex partnerships, which are statistically more violent than heterosexual relationships.
  • Women are statistically much safer, both physically and sexually, marrying or cohabiting with a heterosexual male rather than with a lesbian partner.

Who Writes The Fake News?

"We live in a world where the truth doesn't set you free, it gets you fired!"
The C.O.C.K Fairy: Police can't protect you from vigilantes when they are the prime targets and the lame-stream media is the new weapon.

MIke's [J4MB] Letter To The Spectator, In Response To An Absurd Article By Julie Bindel On Prostitution

By Mike Buchanan: In January 2014 Julie Bindel lied about her involvement with a website which I’d mentioned in the course of my speech during a debate at Durham University, and while she later apologized to me privately in a phone conversation, she declined to do so publicly. The story is here. She was a particularly worthy winner of our Toxic Feminist of the Month award.
Bindel’s article The ‘sex worker’ myth is in the current edition of The Spectator, a magazine to which I’ve subscribed for some time. The article is absurd on so many levels, little more than a series of unsubstantiated anecdotes – without evidence, I’ll assume most were invented by Bindel – and rehashing of long-discredited feminist narratives. It spans two pages in the print edition, and includes one (short) paragraph on boys being prostituted, as a way to batter alleged ‘powerful men’. There is not one sentence on adult male prostitutes, because that would derail the feminist narrative in itself.
I’ve just emailed the magazine (letters@spectator.co.uk) and invite you to do likewise. The content of my email:

Sir: As a subscriber to your magazine, and the leader of Justice for Men & Boys http://j4mb.org.uk, the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts, I am regularly appalled by the amount of absurd feminist narratives you publish.

20 Aug 2017

Jew Loving Is The Way Forward

By Gilad Atzmon: Once a week, a British Jewish institution publishes statistics that measure how much Jews are hated by their neighbours and how unhappy the Jews are in the kingdom. No other people thinks to measure and publish the statistics of their popularity.  A new poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA) published yesterday, reveals that one in six British Jews (17%) reported feeling unwelcome in Britain. Over a third (37%) said they had felt the need to conceal their Judaism in public. As if this weren't devastating enough, 31% of British Jews have considered moving abroad. And as you might expect, 80% reckon that the Labour party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism. However, another poll conducted by YouGov for the same CAA, also published yesterday, found that anti-Semitic attitudes in UK society  declined from 45% in 2015 to 36% in 2017.  
So while the Brits are rapidly becoming less ‘antisemitic’ the Jews are growing increasingly fearful of their neighbours.  
How do we explain this anomaly? The less hated British Jews are, the more insecure they seem to feel.

18 Truths About #Charlottesville

By Paul Elam: Till yesterday, I had just about decided I was going to be able to avoid writing on Charlottesville, Virginia, where a protest of the removal of a statue of Civil War General Robert E. Lee escalated to deadly proportions when protestors and counter protestors clashed in the streets.
It’s not that I don’t have opinions on the matter. I’ve got plenty. I had just hoped to pass on this one because the fracas is only tangentially applicable to the men’s movement – and because people tend to get stupid when you talk about these matters honestly.
However, true to their typically disingenuous form, Salon.com has pulled A Voice for Men into the controversy. There is an article by Amanda Marcotte revealing that one of the ringleaders of the white supremacists who were staging the Charlottesville rally formerly wrote for AVFM. Marcotte attempted to establish that the men’s movement was a gateway for violent racism. She linked to a HBO broadcast of a Vice Magazine documentary in support of her article.
The title of her article perfectly reflects the sentiment she was shooting for. “Weeping Nazi started off as a men’s rights activist, which is hardly surprising.” It was subtitled, “Christopher Cantwell’s trajectory from men’s rights to white supremacy is sadly typical for the alt right.”

ID Politics, Diversity And Biological Determinism?

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following is a segment taken from my new book Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto. The book offers a crude attack on ID politics.  This mini chapter examines the exclusive nature of the New Left discourse and its detachment from working people and their politics.  It points at the divisive apparatus that drives the Identitarian philosophy. By adhering to such an ideology, New Left  has managed to adopt the most problematic chapter in Hitlerian ideology namely biological determinism.
United Against Unity (Being in Time pg. 46)
What does it take, in an era dominated by progressive identity politics, to be accepted as a fully qualified member of the ‘New Left’ or to be considered a ‘liberal?’
'So what are ‘correct politics?’
Where are they defined and by whom?'
Jane is a well-off London lawyer who identifies politically ‘as a woman,’ and marches enthusiastically for human rights. Can she join? I think the answer is yes, she can.

Things Not To Say To Women Who Play Football

"I cant help feeling that I'm part of the group to be silenced through lack of financial incentive to speak or more likely they're trying to push the youtube red thing." Said 6oodfella.

Bettina Arndt Talks About The Fake Campus Rape Scare With Dave Pellowe

That Google Memo

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: I’m a bit late to this party, I know. I wasn’t going to comment on the ‘Google memo’ business. It’s been done very well on YouTube by several people. But then I saw the article “No Way Up This Ladder” by Lara Williams in New Scientist (vol.235, No.3139, page 22, 19th August 2017).
It is regrettable that New Scientist chose to get involved in the ‘Google memo’ affair at all. Unfortunately New Scientist went down the progressiveplug hole some years ago (see for example this and this and this). But, if it had to get involved, there is surely an obligation on New Scientist to address the scientific aspects of the matter. I pay my subscription to read about science, not to read the sort of gender-political stuff which I can find for free on a thousand blog sites.
Unfortunately we now see that New Scientist is more committed to the PC agenda than it is to science.
Whilst virtually all the major news outlets have written about the ‘Google memo’, none that I have noticed have bothered to mention why James Damore wrote it. The impression given is that here we have a vile misogynist who simply likes parading his nastiness. No, the worst criticism one can throw at Damore is a touching naivety in thinking that there could be a rational discussion about the matter. So why did he write it?

Talk With David Duke Right After Charlottesville

Zionist Report: This is how the tribe works! We MUST STOP the REAL supremacists who are controlling our world. We MUST STOP THEM, with pressure, not violence.

19 Aug 2017

Say NO To Pyramids?

Man Acquitted By Judge, STILL Guilty According To College - Title IX Vagina Power

Raging Golden Eagle: "How things role here in the West." If a drunk woman who initiates a sexual encounter is a victim, then am I a victim if I drive drunk and cause an accident? Yeah didn't think so. "A growing number og guys are just realizing that 2D anime women are the way to go."

MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Appointment In Coventry Cancelled

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Following my blog post on the scheduled circumcision of a 12-year-old boy in Coventry today, I had an email exchange with the clinic. The appointment for the circumcision was cancelled, and we had plenty of contact with the police. Three police cars were stationed outside the clinic when we arrived.
Patrick Smyth in Coventry
However, the appointment cancellation isn’t the end of the matter, because we expect the appointment to be re-scheduled. There are a number of details in this story which I think it unwise to divulge at this stage, for the sake of the boy.
We wore bodycams throughout our three-hour protest (from midday to 3pm, when the clinic closed for the day) and handed out hundreds of leaflets to passers-by. We also had dozens of interesting discussions with passers-by, mainly Muslim. We wore bodycams, a discussion with a Muslim woman will be published on our YouTube channel shortly.

Only In Cali: New Bill Would Imprison Healthcare Workers For Using Incorrect Pronouns With Patients

By Tyler Durden: California has a well-earned its reputation for introducing wacky legislation. Jerry Brown's bill specifically written to regulate cow farts is a personal favorite of ours.  For those who missed it the first time around, here is a brief recap of our post entitled "Only In California - Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill To Regulate Cow Flatulence":
In yet another attack on California businesses, yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill (SB 1383) that requires the state to cut methane emissions from dairy cows and other animals by 40% by 2030.

According to a statement from Western United Dairymen CEO, Anja Raudabaugh, California's Air Resources Board wants to regulate animal methane emissions even though it admits there is no known method for achieving the the type of reduction sought by SB 1383.

Uber Business

Max and Stacy discuss subprime auto leases running over Uber. Max continues his interview with Stephen Baldwin about plans for the Great American Pilgrimage across America in an RV, looking to meet the people overlooked by lame-stream television media.

From Richard Spencer To Otto Weininger

By Gilad Atzmon: Richard Spencer is correct (video above), there is no categorical difference between the skin-colour oriented Alt Right and the Jewish State - a state guided by the delusional concept of 'Jewish Race.’  Worse, there is also no real difference between Spencer’s white-centric views and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist’s Judeo-centrism. Jewish anti Zionists such as JVP, like Zionists, claim racially oriented political identities. Neither Spencer nor Mustafa from Gaza can become JVP board members primarily because they aren't racially qualified.

Identity Politics Are Bananas

"The protest was peaceful until Antifa
and black lives matter turned up." Said Barbara4u2c.

Mindhive Update: Seven Days To The Great Minnesota Moral Panic

By : One week until the Minnesota State Fair, and one month since Justine Damond, the Australian yoga teacher, was shot dead by police in the streets of Minneapolis. Our last article explained some unique Minnesota phenomena, including being ground zero of the most terrifying and deadly moral panics in the history of mankind. [1][2][3][4][5]
The Trump and Turnbull Administrations have ignored my requests to stop the fair and prevent the next global panic, I feel an obligation to warn the world of what’s been happening here in MN in hopes we might stop another tragedy. While the 494/694 boundary is small (less than 30 miles across) there is something in the water here that starts worldwide witch hunts.
Mosquitos, Minnesota Nice, the quasi-political nature of the University of Minnesota, I can’t say for certain, what causes it, but I do know the phenomena is real. These moral panics have similarities, they all have a taboo or scandalous topic, that represents a perceived threat to women, children or vulnerable adults, they all result in popular demands for an expansion of the police state, and worst of all, they all spread worldwide.

18 Aug 2017

Who's Pushing War With North Korea?

"The Jew-Stream Media!
...Shills for Jewish warmongering look for
smoking guns that blow no smoke!
...It's all Jewish slight of hand!"
Says ex-Jew Nathanael.

‘Boys Beating Girls In A-Levels? Err, No.’

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Well it’s results day and the newspapers are all full of those pictures of girls leaping for joy.
Left: Malala Yousafzai with fellow students Bethany Lucas and Beatrice Kessedjian at Edgbaston high school for girls. Malala will be attending Lady Margaret Hall college, Oxford
But wait – what’s this we read? The boys, long since written off as second-raters, are now trashing the girls? What? It cannot be. But in the Guardian we read,
Boys get more A*/A grades than girls for the first time in at least seven years
And in the Telegraph,
Boys beat girls to top grades for first time in 17 years
So it must be true, then, right? Err, no. You know what they say about lies, damned lies,…

Feminists Get Publicly Humiliated On Australian TV

The Israel Lobby v The First Amendment

'Interestingly, the mobilisation of the US 
- and other western governments 
- to punish the boycott [Israel] movement 
is largely consistent with its targeting
of the South African anti-Apartheid movement in the past.'
By Ramzy Baroud: The adage goes, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it." Indeed, this is the very predicament in which the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) could soon find itself.
In its obsessive efforts to defeat the Palestinian-led boycott movement, AIPAC will soon force the revisitation of a long-dormant debate on the illegal Israeli military occupation of Palestine.
US lame-stream media has long avoided an honest discussion on Israel and Palestine as if the mere acknowledgment of a Palestinian point of view, let alone Palestinian rights, is in itself a sinister act.

The Camp Of The Saints

By Paul Craig Roberts: The liberal/progressives, lost as they are in their emotionalism, do not realize that their rantings about white supremacists are also discrediting themselves and not merely their foes. The rest of the world doesn’t differentiate between good whites and bad whites. As one reader who wrote to me from India said, All whites are guilty.” That is the position of the left who assert that White Supremacy is institutionalized in the United States and has been from day one. The white liberal/progressives should read Jean Raspail’s book, The Camp of the Saints and discover that the world does not differentiate them from white nationalists. Whitesnotsome whites”—are seen as a plague on the world.
If a book is too much for them, they can read Ajamu Baraka in Counterpunch:
“What is the character of racist right-wing politics today? Is it the crazed white supremacist who plows into an anti-fascist demonstration in Charlottesville, VA or can it also be the assurance by Lindsay Graham that an attack against North Korea would result in thousands of lives lost…. but those lives will be ‘over there’? What about the recent unanimous resolution by both houses of Congress in support of Israel and criticism of the United Nations for its alleged anti-Israeli bias? Would that qualify as racist and right-wing, since it appears that the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians is of no concern? And what about the vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to go even beyond the obscene proposal of the Trump administration to increase the military budget by $54 billion dollars and instead add a whopping $74 billion to the Pentagon budget?

Abby Martin "Exposes" The Jews, Zionism & Israel

"Ayah [Palestinian] got shot in the vagina [by Jews] for peacefully protesting and they shot
two hundred people that day, the guy next to her died another was paralysed.
They [JSIL feminist Jewish state] have a policy of shoot
to cripple where they shoot guys [Palestinians]
in the dicks!"

Your Belief In Porn Addiction Makes Things Worse

'The model of porn addiction is one which serves many people, those who sell treatments for it, those who believe that sex and porn should be feared or controlled'
By : Porn addiction is the idea that people (namely men) can become addicted to the widespread pornography, now so easily available on the Internet. You can’t turn over a rock these days, without finding some article, website, advocacy group, or therapist, claiming that porn addiction is a dangerous public health problem.

Pro-Woman Ads And Why I Hate 'Em

StudioBrule: Professor Fiamengo discusses the increasingly ridiculous feminist criticisms of the "objectification of women" in advertising.

Corrupt Woman Prison Officer Jailed After Shipley MP Philip Davies Intervenes

By Vivie Mason: SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies has helped persuade top judges that a female prison officer who smuggled in drugs and other contraband for inmates should not allowed to walk free simply because she has children.
Safak Bozkurt, 28, at the time working at Isis Young Offender Institution in Thamesmead, London, was initially given a two year suspended prison sentence by Judge Martin Griffith at Southwark Crown Court in April.
Mr Davies contacted the Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC arguing the sentence was unduly lenient and Bozkurt’s case was then referred to the Court of Appeal where judges substituted the suspended sentence with a 32-month prison term. 
They said Judge Griffith had paid too much attention to Bozkurt's legal team's plea for leniency due to the plight of the children - aged four and seven – despite him telling the defendant that she should have had their welfare in mind when she committed the crimes.
And in making their ruling, the appeal court judges said parenthood could not be used as a “trump card” by defendants to avoid jail.

17 Aug 2017

Tearing Down Liberty - William Banzai7

Who Keeps Americans In The Dark?

By Gilad Atzmon: Earlier this week, senior Tabloid magazine writer Yair Rosenberg pointed out in a  Washington Post article that the White nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia targeted the Jews.  

“ They (the White Nationalists) immediately went after the Jews,” Rosenberg writes. They “chanted anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans, including “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us” — all crafted to cast Jews as foreign interlopers who need to be expunged. The attendees proudly displayed giant swastikas and wore shirts emblazoned with quotes from Adolf Hitler. One banner read, “Jews are Satan’s children.”
This is an important and genuine observation by Rosenberg. He suggests that the white nationalists are fully aware that that they are in a battle with ‘the Jews.’  The Jews also seem to acknowledge that they are at war with the White Nationalists and that this broad category includes the American President* who according to the Jewish press took side with the ‘Nazis’.
It seems that the American people are the only ones who are kept in the dark. They seem baffled by this spectacle of hatred that threatens to escalate into a new civil war. The Americans are told by their media that this is a race war:

Lambeth v Farrakhan - The Lambeth DoubleCross

"It's important for us to understand that the UK government ['s Zionist puppet master] has no desire for us to be anything other than slaves! ...They are now fully engaged in trying to stop us from rising"

Karen Straughan Speaks At Edmonton Red Pill

Canadian Association for Equality: CAFE Edmonton hosted a screening of Cassie Jaye's, The Red Pill on July 8th, 2017. The room was full, and after the film the crowd had a chance to interact with Men's issues enthusiast Karen Straughan. View the interactive Q & A with Karen Straughan (a local Edmontonian) who was featured in the documentary.

World Health Organization WHO Says North Korea Has A Far Better And Far More Equitable Health Care System Than USA

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky: The North Korean government, according to the Western lame-stream media is said to be oppressing and impoverishing its population.
Here in the USA we have medicare, all our kids are educated, we are all literate, and “we want to live in America”.
And in the DPRK, the health system sucks, they don’t have schools and hospital beds, they are all a bunch of illiterates,  
You would not want to live there! 
Propaganda photo left with the well known 'Getty Images' logo.
Beneath the mountain of media disinformation, there is more than meets the eye. Despite sanctions and military threats, not to mention the failed intent of “respectable” human rights organizations (including Amnesty International) to distort the facts, North Korea’s health system is the envy of the developing worldaccording to the Director General of the World Health Organization:

'Silver Lining' Of US Mortality Rates

Up for discussion is ‘the silver lining’ of the shocking increase in US mortality rates - reduced pension costs for corporations, increased profits for shareholders. At least this is the upside, according to the financial press. Max also interviews Stephen Baldwin about their plans for The Great American Pilgrimage as they cross America in an RV looking to meet the people overlooked by mainstream television media. By the end of the pilgrimage, they hope to have had a whole lot of fun and a little bit of enlightenment.

Calling Homeland Security To Report Jewish Zionist Terrorists

Zionist Report: If we all did what Brendon does we would at least have the chance of finding someone who might listen and decide to take action. It is true that these criminals have infiltrated it all, but we MUST fight back, we can't just sit and complain. The work we do online is not enough, we must take action. The more people call the more pressure they will have. Pressure from the people, is what the government needs! DO IT, TAKE ACTION!

Study Finds Higher Minimum Wages Bring Crushing Job Losses For Female And Minority Workers

By Tyler Durden: Anyone who has a basic understanding of elementary-level arithmetic and some common sense can easily explain why raising the minimum wage is bad for employment levels.  In a nutshell, higher labor costs simply improve the payback profile of capital investments in technology thus accelerating job losses.
We recently shared the following example regarding California's minimum wage hike from $10 per hour to $15.  At $10 per hour and a 10-year payback, employers may be reluctant to invest in new technology.  But, at $15 per hour and a 6-years payback, that investment become a no-brainer.
Unfortunately, while these concepts are somewhat simplistic for most us, they have confounded left-leaning economists and politicians pretty much since the beginning of time.
And while no amount of empirical evidence will change their minds, here is yet another study, this time from Grace Lordan of the London School of Economics and David Neumark of UC Irvine, offering up evidence that raising minimum wages only serves to increase unemployment and disproportionately crushes female and minority low-income workers.

Google's White Dude Fail

"It's wrong to make sweeping statements about an entire class of people, even the ones with 'Y' chromosomes who are low on melanin." Said Karen Straughan.

16 Aug 2017

A Muslim Anti Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Website!

Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it?
Allah tells us that He has created human beings perfectly:
In numerous Verses of the Qur'an, Allah tells us that He has created everything, including human beings, in the most perfect form. In the following verse, Allah explicitly states this with regards to the human creation:
"We have indeed created man in the 'best of moulds'." (Qur'an 95:4)
This means when a baby leaves the mother's womb, he or she is in the most perfect of shape down to the finest detail. Nothing needs alteration. With regards to the development of the baby, Allah states the following:
"Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the 'Best of all Creators!' " (Qur'an 23:14)
Notice that Allah states that He is the best creator - the resulting completed creation of the baby is thus in its optimal form.
In another verse, Allah states:
"The work of Allah who has 'perfected everything' (He created)."

The Secret

Ekonomist: I made the song to raise awareness of how America has caused destruction around the world, how they took down gaddafi due to him having plans to implement the african currency which would have made African countries richer and kill the dollar and sterling. They have military bases all over the world we need to ask ourselves why?

Farrakhan's Uncensored Message To London & The UK

"Someone fears what Farrakhan is saying,
what am I saying that you should be afraid of?
That you will have to reap what you have sown."
The Final Call - Uncompromised News & Perspectives: On Friday, August 4, 2017, the Council of Lambeth in London issued a permit to the "African International Day of Action 2017" who were commemorating their annual celebration on Saturday, August 5, 2017, which denied the sponsors and their co-sponsor the Nation of Islam, the right to Broadcast a pre-recorded message from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Trevor Phillips: ‘My Comrades On The Left Flaunt Their Moral Superiority. But Many Of Them Are The Most Racist And Sexist Of All.’

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: A piece prompted by Jess Phillips’s comments about left-wing sexists, spoken at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Jess Phillips is possibly the most sexist MP in parliament, so it tells you all you need to know about Trevor Phillips when he writes this:
Three cheers for Jess Phillips, one Labour MP who tells it like it is [J4MB: She invariably tells it like it ISN’T] — even if it involves exposing the sanctimonious self-righteous posturing of the trendy Left in British politics…
For the record, we’re not related. I’ve met her once. But DNA aside, I can only describe her as my No 1 soul sister.

The Red Pill Documentary - Down The Rabbit Hole

Cheshire Cat Studios: We've been asked what our opinions of the Cassie Jaye documentary, "The Red Pill". Given our often grim view of modern victimhood feminism, as well as the events of GamerGate and the The Last Night controversy, we were more than happy to watch the film. Nat and LaughingMan are joined by Wade (aka: AggresiveDuck, yes with one 's'), and what we watched was nothing short of upsetting, but not the least bit surprising. Having seen male friends and male family members victims of domestic abuse, LaughingMan knows well the legal and social uphill battles that battered husbands often face.